Introduction to Docker for Pythonistas

Docker is a major driver of container virtualization and comes in very handy for your day-to-day work with Python.

Tags: Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, Jupyter, Machine Learning

Scheduled on thursday 14:50 in room lounge


Jan Wagner (@generic_data)

Currently Student (M.Sc. in Data Science) at the University of Mannheim. Got a B.Sc. in Business Informatics and a Apprenticeship as IT Management Assistant (Informatikkaufmann). I have been working Full-Time in several different Companies and Industries, mainly at IT-Projectmanagement-Level as Softwaretest-Coordinator but now aiming for a Python-Developer and/or Data Science Position.


My Talk aims to introduce you to Docker and how it works, how you can use prebuild Images from the Docker-Hub and how you can make your own Images.
In more Detail, the following Points will be covered:

  • What is Docker
  • Classic Virtualization vs. Container Virtualization
  • The Docker-Hub / Using prebuild Images
  • You need a local MongoDB/MySQL/whatever? No Problem!
  • Make your own Image a.k.a. “The Dockerfile”
  • Build and Ship your Flask-App without “But it works on my machine!” – Problems
  • Build and Ship your Data Science – Environment, reproducibility for the win!
  • … The other Side of the Medal …
  • More to read and watch!