Conference Venue: ZKM - center for art and media

The ZKM | Center for Art and the Media is a unique cultural institution, extending the original vision and purpose of the museum. It is a home to various art, media and genres -- a house of ragmatized arts, painting, photography and sculpture as well as the time-based arts such as film, video, media art, music, dance, theater and performance. As a museum, the ZKM was founded in 1989 with the mission to continue classical arts in the digital age. Because of this, it's sometimes referred to as the "electronic or digital Bauhaus" - an expression traced back to Heinrich Klotz. The ZKM also accommodates institutes and laboratories for scientific research, development and production. In addition to the museum's classical guiding principle—to preserve and encourage works of art—the ZKM also undertakes support measures for the creation of new works of art by supporting guest artists and employee programs. #

ZKM - center for art and media Lorenzstra├če 19, 76135 Karlsruhe.

Come to Karlsruhe

By plane

There are three airports to consider when coming to Karlsruhe: FKB, STR and FRA.

FKB - Karlsruhe Baden-Baden / Baden Airpark is a smaller regional airport near the Rhine river at the French border usually served by low-cost airlines. Take the bus 234 to Rastatt and then a regional train or light rail to Karlsruhe. Travel time around one hour. Taking a bus via Baden-Baden is currently not recommended (see the "By train" section below).

STR - Stuttgart Airport is an international airport near Stuttgart. Take the light rail S2 or S3 to the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (main station) and then any train to Karlsruhe. Travel time at least 90 minutes plus the delay between connections.

FRA - Frankfurt Airport (not the "Frankfurt-Hahn"!) is the largest airport near Frankfurt am Main. There are fast trains from the airport to Karlsruhe with or without change in Mannheim every hour and will take an hour of travel time.

By train

Karlsruhe is connected by fast trains and a few night trains with most German and a few European cities. Check for more information and live schedules.

By bus

There is an unspectacular bus station (or a bunch of bus stops) served by long-distance coach services just behind the main station. Cross the main station in order to get to the trams and/or walk to the venue/hotel/city.

By car

Plenty of autobahns around the city, not all of them without speed limit though. Like in most German cities, cars need a green low emission sticker on their windshields in order to get to the city center (including the venue).


Coming from another city or even another country and don't know where to stay? The Tourist Information Bureau of Karlsruhe offers an online reservation system for hotels in the neighborhoods of the venue during the PyCon.DE.